10 reasons why I decided to create a home based business

1 – No more commute. Wear and tear on my vehicle. Not Having to choose where I live based on my employment location and drive times.

2 – Not having to drag my ass out of bed at some ridiculous hour only to still be rushing around making sure I have everyone and everything packed and ready for the long day ahead.

3 – Being told what I need to accomplish each hour, day, week, and quarter no matter what is going on with my personal life and/or health.

4 – Wasting my calories, money, and health, eating crap food on the go because I didn't have time to grocery shop this week or over slept and didn't have time to pack my lunch.

5 – Having to dodge office gossip, negative co-workers, or people I just don't like but have to put up with because we work together.

6 – Having to miss my child grow, learn, and play because by the time we complete each day, what little time we do have together before or after work I'm either to busy with chores, shopping, or completely exhausted from all of it.

7 – Looking at our debt and wondering how a yearly 3% raise is going to ever payoff the mortgage, student loan, 2 car notes, and 5 credit cards, as well as fund us for retirement, emergencies, or college for the kids.

8 – Freaking out because I need more time off because my child or myself is still sick or sick again.

9 – Asking for time off for Dr apts, vacation, and special occasions, not knowing if it will be approved.

10 – Never saving enough for an emergency fund, the pool we've always wanted, or our dream vacation.

Going back to a traditional job is not an option for me. I have more than these 10 reasons but these are good enough. Our family theme is striving to live unstuffed, create space for what's most important. Having the opportunity to work from home on my own terms, while simultaneously learning how to want/need less is creating a life that feels right for us.


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