Hello! I’m Opal and I’m learning what my definition of joy, happiness, and success is through the practice of minimalism. During my life I’ve chased what society defines as successful: college degrees, good jobs, a happy marriage, a mortgage, nice cars, and lots of vacations expecting bliss only to repeatedly find that each achievement neither brought me the joy or happiness I was searching for. Looking for the majority of my happiness in achievement through academic success, career choices, and material accumulation I was only to be sorely disappointed. I was taught that following the recipe of success outlined before me was the way to a happy and fulfilling life. What I have discovered is that though it maybe true for some people, it was not working me. Society’s one size fits all definition of success does not fit everyone. I am only about a year into our minimalist journey but I can already see how this philosophy of living will add more value and joy than anything else we’ve tried. Follow along or join me, as my family and I navigate living with less stuff. Writing about our success and struggles with this way of life will hopefully find someone else searching for more meaning as well as keep us accountable to what we know is a better way for us.